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Earthquake in North India – Myanmar, Delhi & Other Places

Earthquake in North India – Myanmar, Delhi & Other Places: Earthquake occurs in North India on 13th of April, 2016 at 7:15 PM. Earthquake felts two times on today around all over the North India. There are too many places where earthquake felts at the same time. India-Myanmar is the place where the earthquake started to spread to all over the India. The current news is coming that it may happen again for some time in India. Now, the time is 8:00 PM. I am trying to deliver all the current news to all the people. It also felts at so many places around all over the West Bengal like Howrah, Uttar & Dakshin Dinajpur, Mednapur and Malbazar, Jalpaiguri, Malda. When the first earthquake occurs, its sharpness was too low. But, after some time, earthquake occurs twice and its sharpness was 6.8 which is a little bit higher than the first earthquake. It felts not just West Bengal, it also felts all over the entire country of India.


Situation of West Bengal during the Earthquake at 7:15 PM

Those people who were out for shopping at a big Mall, they have felt the earthquake very clearly. When the earthquake happens, all the people were coming back to their home from their Offices or other places. They got scarred for some times. The people who were travelling in a Metro in Kolkata, they also felt the sharpness of an earthquake at the same time. People came out from the Metro and the mental and physical condition of them was not good. So many people have come out on the open road. Kolkata Metro has been stopped for some time. The Southern and Eastern Railway Zone has been stopped for some time. No such heavy accident has occurred till now. There are no people who have died during the time of earthquake till now. I will try to update each and everything which is possible. The Quake also felt in the Eden Garden’s Ground and Gallery. An IPL match was happening between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders. All the people who were watching and enjoying the IPL match, they also felt the magnitude of the quake. So many Movie Halls/ Multiplex of Kolkata and Other Places stop showing their Movie Show. People came out from the Multiplex. The Quake also felt in Bangladesh’s Capital, Dhaka, which is around 480 to 485 Km away from the epicenter of Quake. Patna, Odisha, Auranachla Pradesh, Imphal, Alipur, Balurghat, Murshidabad, Barrackpur, Nadia, Jhargram also felt the quake on today at the same time.


Official Website of Weather Research  Center in India


Situation of Delhi

When the earthquake occurred, this time, the places all over the Delhi was crowded with some many people. The Delhi Metro Railway has also been Stopped for sometimes. The people who were in the lift to get back to his flat, they have clearly felt the sharpness of it in Delhi. No huge damage has been done in the area of Delhi. The situation of Delhi is under control.

Situation of Zalpaiguri, Darjeeling and Other Places

The place which is situated by so many huge mountains like Zalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Shimla, the sharpness of earthquake felt clearly at that place. Those people who were riding a car, travelling bus, they have stopped the car and come out from the car to save their life. But, no part of any huge mountain has been destroyed by the sharpness of the it. The situation of those referred places is under control now. I will update each and everything about the current news of the places. Three people admitted to the hospital in Siliguri because they have been injured badly at the time of quake.

Scientist’s Opinion about the quake

The quake occurred for 50 seconds in all over the Country. The tremors were felt also in Guwahati of Assam and kaziranga area. The US Geological Survey is saying told that the magnitude of the earthquake was 6.8 to 6.9 at a depth of 135km from the ground. The epicenter of the quake was 396km north of Myanmar, Naypyidaw. Germany’s Research Centre told that the magnitude of the quake was at around 7.1.

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