Copy Draft Emails in Gmail Using Simple Methods – Works on PC & Mobile

Copy Draft Emails in Gmail Using Simple Methods – Works on PC & Mobile : Copy Draft Emails in Gmail Accounts Using Some Basic Tricks or Methods which will Work on PC as well as Mobile Device. Follow This Methods and It will be far easier than any other methods you have used earlier. Suppose, You have created a Draft Email inside Your Gmail Account. Now, You want to send the Exact Message to Several People but in a Separate Way. We All Know that The Attachments, The Email Body and The Subject will be common for Every Message. The Only Thing that will be different From each other is the Email Address of the Receiver.

Suppose, You want to send Your Resume or Bio-Data to a Few Companies or Organizations you wish to work for. How Can you do this without copy-pasting the Body or the Draft and the Subject of Email over and over again? There is some basic methods You can Follow…

Alternative Gmail Drafts

You can simply generate Several Copies of an Pre-Existing Draft Message and save them in the Drafts Folder of Your Gmail Account. First of All, You have to select an Existing Gmail Draft Email from the Drop Down Menu. After that, You have to Tap on “Select Count” to Create as many as copies of Gmail Draft You would Like to Create. After that, Simply Tap On the Clone Drafts Option.

The Process of generating Duplicate Email Messages in Your Gmail Account

When You Create a Draft Email in Gmail and Tap On the Send Button, You see that The Email is Moved to the “Sent Items Folder” and at the same time, it is automatically Removed from the Drafts Folder. There are some easy ways to generate duplicate draft emails into Gmail you can follow. You can Use “Mail Merge for Gmail”. If You want to know more simple way to do that, You can also use the Duplicate Draft Feature which is available inside the Email Studio.

Copy Draft Emails in Gmail – This is the Proper way of Getting Started….

1. First of All, You have to Open Your Gmail Mail-Box. After that, You have to create a New Email Message and You have to save it as a Draft Message. Now, You can attach Various Content, Files and Embed Inline Images also.

2. The Next Step is to Simply Get On the Email Studio. You have to give authorize the App* so that It can Access Your G-Mail Account. This is necessary because The Application will Read The Drafts you have created in Your Gmail Account and It will make copies inside Your Gmail Account.

3. Once the Application got Authorized, You can Click On the Draft Copier Section. The Tool which is Known as Gmail Clone works on PC as well as Your Mobile Device so that You can copy Gmail Draft Messages on Your Mobile Device also. The Feature which is Know as “Email Studio” is basically Free for General Usage. If You are a Free User, You can Copy Approximate 3 Email Drafts at a Time. Someone who uses Premium Account can duplicate approx 10 Gmail Drafts in a Single Go. If You have a Premium Version, No Branding needs to be included at all.

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